Argent Partner Program

The Argent Partner Program is an initiative that gives I.T integration professionals  full control over their installation hardware.

We understand that every installation job you tackle is different, this is why we work together to deliver a full custom solution for your customers.

 It Begins At The Production Line

Because our server racks, cabinets, enclosures and accessories all manufactured in Australia, you can have your say on every aspect of your hardware needs before it is even made.

Design & Development

We thrive from tough engineering challenges. Our experience and proven installation track record means you no longer have to say no to profitable projects.

 Quick Response

With the help of our sales engineers, industrial designers and manufacturing experts, your idea can go from a sketch, to full production in just weeks.

Win The Jobs Others Can't Deliver

With a state of the art manufacturing facility at your fingertips, jobs that were once out of reach can now become reality. Our manufacturing facility hosts a wide range of machine technology like laser cutting and punching machines, automated bending presses, robotic welding cells, CNC machining centres, powder coating lines and much more.