Technical Support

When customers decide on choosing a rack some frequently asked questions arise.

These questions are answered by the selected questions below. For more detailed questions please contact one of our Argent technical sales consultants.

RU and Panel Dimension Chart (rounded to the nearest 0.1mm)

RU Dimension Chart


How high is a RU?

What is the dimension across the front face of rack mounted equipment?
For 19" Equipment - 482.5mm face width. For 23" Equipment - 650.0mm face width.

What are the front face hole centres for mounting 19" and 23" equipment?
In 19" Racks - 465mm. In 23" Racks - 625mm.

What is the maximum width of equipment that will fit between the uprights?
In 19" Racks - 450mm max. In 23" Racks - 610mm max.

What is the mounting distance between the vertical angles in a Series 20 rack?
125mm less than the overall depth of the rack.

What is the colour range?
Standard colour: Textured black powder coated finish. Other colours available on request.