760mm 20 Series Rack Frame

Wider frame commonly used with high cable density installations. Frame width of 760mm designed to fit through standard door opening.

Features Include:

  • Fully assembled and configured with accessories.
  • Robust frame construction.
  • Flush fitting lockable, quick removal side panels.
  • Fully compatible with all brands of mountable servers.
  • Bottom frame allows for front and rear cable entry.

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Our 20 Series Frames are fully assembled and include:

  • 1 Top panel.
  • 4 Fully adjustable vertical rails converted to 19″ with RU labels.
  • 4 Horizontal members for 18Ru and 27Ru frames.
  • 6 Horizontal members for 42Ru.
  • 8 Horizontal members for 46u and 52Ru frames.
  • Full range of accessories available.
  • Standard colour – Black.
  • Other colours available on request.

Choice of doors, side panels, cooling options need to be ordered if required when ordering the rack frame. Additional vertical rails can be ordered for mounting equipment of different depths. Standard top covers are fitted directly to the frame reducing the ingress of dust.